[Libav-user] android crash with armeabi-v7a + tegra3

Michael Zucchi notzed at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 07:34:06 CEST 2012

I did more research, it looks like this tablet has the unaligned access 
set to cause a bus error in the kernel.  I don't have access to the TRM 
so I don't know if this is tegra-related, or just an asus kernel decision.

I manually changed HAVE_FAST_UNALIGNED to 0, and so far have had no 
problems, even with optimisations enabled.

There doesn't seem much point in trying to detect this behaviour at 
run-time (if it's even possible/practical) so perhaps fast_unaligned 
needs to be an option and not just based on the cpu architecture.

I'm mostly just surprised it happens so rarely, as I would've expected 
it to pop up a lot.

(I can't confirm this against git head at this time, although the 
relevant arm bits look the same to me).

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