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Jonas Elofsson jelofsson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 10:09:50 CEST 2012


Resending this, it seems my first post never got through...

I'm taking the first, trembling steps to use FFMpeg in Qt, primary for a
video editing SW. So far it is working good, I can decode frames to a
QImage in Qt and display them on a label. Even video playback works good on
a QLabel up to 200 frames/s or so.

But, what I cannot find is a way to see what frame (displayed framenumber)
I just decoded. Coded framenumber I can see, but they are (of course) not
useable directly, and also are not available for all formats. Displayed
framenumber is not working, either always 0, 0x80000000... or other
none-telling values.

What I need is a good, solid way to always be able to identify the current
frame number.

If you have a solution or just an idea, please let me know!

Best regards, Jonas
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