[Libav-user] Help or Higher Level Interface Libraries

Glen gga96 at skymesh.com.au
Fri Aug 16 01:54:48 CEST 2013

Hi All,

I have not worked with the FFmpeg libraries before and would appreciate some initial guidance.

I am researching a new project that involves the random access of the decoded video frames. 

I believe there is a need to initially map the “I” frame offsets in the input stream to gain the random access required. The mapping I can do.

Where I need help is, having found the “I” frame offset how do I proceed to extract the AVFrame (a pointer to the decoded frame matrix) using the FFmpeg libraries. The libraries cover an extensive amount of data and I am getting lost in the detail. 

Can you please help to get the interface sorted?

Or is there an approved 3rd party higher level library that interfaces with the backed FFmpeg libs?

All help is appreciated.


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