[Libav-user] Live video stream playback is too fast

Andrew Sherepenko andrew.sherepenko at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 13:01:38 CET 2013

  Hi all,

Now I'm working on live transcoding from MPEG-TS to MP4 and streaming 
output data into the browser and playing it in HTML video tag.

I've already finished transcoding routine (video copying from ts 
container to mp4 in h264; audio converted from ac3 5.1 to mp3 stereo).

But I have a problem with video playing speed in the browser (video 
playback is too fast) when I send transcoded data chunk by chunk (using 
Chunked HTTP header).

I have read many forums and docs but I cannot found any solution.


You can see the links with smth similar.  But these solutions don't help 
to me.

And an interesting fact. When the same movie playing from the browser 
cache video playing speed is correct.

So I think the problem can be in some metadata, that send in the end.

For streaming I use fragmented MP4 format.

May be somebody have the same problem or can give any advice how to find 
a solution.

Thank you in advance,
Andrew Sherepenko

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