[Libav-user] PNG in mp3's failing

Don Moir donmoir at comcast.net
Mon Dec 16 07:58:56 CET 2013

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> Gonzalo Garramuno <ggarra13 at ...> writes:
>> I can upload the mp3 if someone points me where to ftp it to.
> Either use http://www.datafilehost.com/ or read
> http://ffmpeg.org/bugreports.html (there is no
> hard filesize limit).
> Thank you, Carl Eugen

Here's an mp3 with png that fails for me in N-58754-ge2bf00c.

You don't get a finished frame when you try and decode the attached_pic so something has changed with that since it works with 
N-50056-gc63f9fb which is a much older version. mp3's with jpeg's work fine in both versions.


Can't test in the latest ffmpeg version since it does not work for me failing in avformat_open_input or avformat_find_stream_info 
for all files and don't have the time right now to figure that out. 

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