[Libav-user] change pixel format without scaling data ? // more 2

Roman Ryltsov ryltsov at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 17:14:57 CET 2013


Well, that is my problem – it is not clear how it scales or why if I don’t
> request it!!  What we used to call an ‘undocumented feature’****
> ** **
> The input to the context is the input format, the input sizes, the output
> format and the output sizes.  Gray levels, scaling, expected means etc.
> have no part of the context or the input.  I would post my  code but I am
> away from the workstation at the moment.  But if you look at the function
> calls for sws_getcontext and  sws_scale you will no mention of modifying
> gray levels.****

A code snippet with your sws_* calls + values of arguments are worth many
words. Post this information here and we will see what is going on.

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