[Libav-user] Decoding an AAC-LATM 5.1 audio returns errors and only 1 channel with data

Nicolás Dato ndato at 3way.com.ar
Tue Jan 8 23:37:46 CET 2013

> Does this mean with a longer sample the beginning
> plays (correctly?) 5.1, after a problem it starts
> to be channel-3-only?
> Carl Eugen

With a longer sample the result is the same as with the attachment, it only
takes less than 1 second to start decoding only the 3rd channel. I don't
know if it is only decoding the 3rd channel or if the decoder is merging
all the channels into the 3rd one.
Reopening the avcodec context solves the problem until the 'channel
0.2....' error happens. And that error keeps logging forever 1 or 2 times
per second (and avcodec_decode_audio returns error each time)

I opened the output with audacity, at the very beginning there is audio in
all the channels, after the ffmpeg throws that error, all the channels are
in silence but one, being the PC in stereo I don't hear anything, but using
audacity I can and what I listen to seems OK

I also tried opening the file with vlc and it doesn't complain.
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