[Libav-user] Encoding H263+ video

David Longest david.longest at apx-labs.com
Thu Jan 10 22:49:37 CET 2013


I am attempting to encode raw video from a camera to H263+ using the "decoding_encoding.c" file as an example. My code requires one more step since the camera provides an image in the NV21 format.

While the conversion seems to work fine, I seem to get a crash (sigsegv) when encoding the output from the conversion. After investigating a bit, I have found that I will sometimes get a message stating "Provided packet is too small, needs to be ****" before it crashes. I tried allocating the AVPacket's data myself and it seems to stop crashing, but I get macro block corruption in the video I try to play back.

>From looking at the example, it seems that libavcodec should be allocating the packet's data depending on how much memory it needs. Does anybody know why it would crash if I don't allocate memory for it?

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