[Libav-user] Function "avcodec_decode_audio3" cause signal 7 (SIGBUS).

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Tue Jan 15 12:32:51 CET 2013

Brian Chi <beyond702 at ...> writes:

> My program uses ffmpeg to decode a MP4 file, when 
> it runs to function "avcodec_decode_audio3", it 
> cause signal 7(SIGBUS). The audio codec is aac, 
> ffmpeg version is 0.8.10.
> But it works well on the version 0.11.1 of ffmpeg.

This sounds as if you are investing time to make 
your program work with a two year old version 
of FFmpeg although it works fine with a newer 
Please don't do that, if you are a user, use 
current git head, if you are a distributor, use 
the latest release series (1.1).

Carl Eugen

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