[Libav-user] How to specify output format

Jim Morgenstern sender at ImageMining.net
Sat Jan 19 07:55:22 CET 2013

I have C++ app [win 7]  that is reading and writing video/audio stream.


When I specify the output file as xxxx.MOV I am getting H264 compressed
video at 24 fps.


I want to have output as uncompressed at 30 or 60 fps according to the


Some simple [I hope] questions:

.       What is [where can I find] the mapping between file name extension
and format used?

.       Can I specify the output format I want rather than using
av_guess_format ?  all the tutorials use guess

.       What is your recommended format for uncompressed HD video ?





Jim Morgenstern

Image Mining LLC



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