[Libav-user] MPEG-TS DVB-CSA descrambler

Pavel Sokolov pavel at sokolov.me
Fri Jan 25 09:50:04 CET 2013

25.01.2013 12:43, Georgi Chorbadzhiyski пишет:
> On 1/24/13 1:22 PM, Pavel Sokolov wrote:
>> Somebody knows any way to demux scrambled MPEG-TS with FFdecsa
>> descrambler (or other DVB-CSA descrabler) ?
>> So, i think that I need to add read callback to MPEG-TS demuxer:
>> my_descrambler(uint8_t* buf, int buf_size);
>> where buf - is 188-aligned buffer
>> How to add this callback without patching sources of the FFmpeg?
> <shameless_plug>
> Use a proper tool that is designed for the purpose of decrypting
> transport streams - tsdecrypt.
> </shameless_plug>
I can't use any external tool. I need to do it "on the fly" while 
reading packets from AVFormat

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