[Libav-user] Error while decoding .asf file!

thanh nhan thanh nhan nhanndt_87 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 13 11:24:34 CEST 2013

Dear everyone,
I got the problem when i tried to decode .asf video file. here is my source code discription:
( source code for ffmpeg preparation)
int len = avcodec_decode_video2(pCodecCtx, pFrame, &frameFinished, &packet);
if ( len < 0 )
    fprintf(stderr, "Problems decoding frame\n");
    fprintf(stderr, "len = %d\n", len ); 
    return 1;

if(frameFinished) {

The result of len variable i got is always -1094995529 for .asf file. Other video files are decoded successfully. Does anybody know the solution for this issue?
Thank you very much!
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