[Libav-user] Audio conversion from planar to non-planar formats

Taha Ansari mtaha.ansari at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 15:58:15 CEST 2013

I tried an experiment: mp3.mp3 file as input, and test.mp3 file as output
(output format from S16 to S16P), it is getting converted (transcoded) just
fine, but I can't understand what is exactly happening with conversion from
mp3 to mp4.

Only one thing I think might be correlated: MP3 with 128 kbps gets me
nb_samples equal to 1152, and MP4 (AAC-destination) has nb_samples equal to
1024, so is it possible some frames from mp3 to mp4 are being buffered
inappropriately, and never get written to destination mp4 file? Considering
the fact 1-(1024/1152)*100 is about 11.11%, about the same amount 'not'
written to mp4 near end.

Please can someone help me fix this?
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