[Libav-user] about "Missing reference picture, default is 0"and" decode_slice_header_error"

吴志坤 864446364 at qq.com
Mon Aug 4 04:54:33 CEST 2014



I am using a program with FFmpeg’s libav to demux a mp4 file, try to
extract the video, whose format is 264 . 


The file is transmitted in streaming media, using http protocol . 


Program start receiving data at any time, I mean not from the head.


Then it complains that "Missing reference picture,default is 0" and "
decode_slice_header_error", as showed in the following picture


This error generates from the functions named “avformat_open_input“ and
“avformat_find_stream_info ” in FFmpeg libav. 


I try to print out the frame data my program received, and I found that the
program can’t get IDR frame. (the begin of the frames always be 0 0 0 1 65,
it means the frame is not IDR frame) 


So it complains no reference frame.


In fact, I have checked that the IDR frame is nearly 1/55 of all the frames.
I think the proportion is OK.


So I am looking for your help about this problem.


I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 







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