[Libav-user] Patching Libavformat RTP networking stack for packet-loss concealment

SanJose_kid sanjosekid82 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 18:07:54 CEST 2014

We’re patching libavformat in the RTP networking stack in order to be able to: 
a) get info on package loss and RTP Header Info
b) optimize and reduce package loss and error concealment

Some issues that have been mentioned by community members include:
- whether to use RTP but specify it use TCP for acknowledges and retransmission;
- since RTP uses numbering of packets, trying to implement a workaround/concurrent connection for requesting and receiving of lost packets using TCP;
- potential complications with dealing with buffering with vbr;
- how to best deal with latency while waiting for retransmitted packets (RFC 4588)

If any community members are familiar with this and available to offer guidance, we'd greatly appreciate your help and are also willing to sponsor development of this patch to libavformat.

Thanks -


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