[Libav-user] RTP woes

Anthony Clark clark.anthony.g at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 04:07:57 CEST 2014

Hey all,

The RTP libraries in FFMPEG aren't documented or really even used in many
opensource projects I could find. My main questions are:

1) the RTP implementation only seems to support one (1) stream. Does this
mean extra work has to be done one the receiver to coordinate the streams
when using the SDP as input? As in, how do A/V steams get synchronized if
the streams are delivered completely separately (ie - not muxed).

2) I'm interested in have a RAW binary data steam possibly implemented as
an extension/part of FFMPEG. Where do I start for looking into creating my
own encoder/decoder/muxer/demuxer/plugin?

3) Follow up to question 1, would muxing everything into an MPEGTS file be
'easier' to manage a central delivery mechanism?

Thanks all, I'm just a little overwhelmed with how large the API is and how
little documentation there is. Most of the API is self explanatory, but it
seems there are conventions I can't find the source of.

Anthony C.
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