[Libav-user] Decoding H.264

Ryan Bauer r.bauer234 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 14:28:24 CEST 2015

Well I dont think its working because, I am getting errors like "cannot use
next picture in error concealment". Another error that says something about
the SPS and PPS not getting referenced.

Just to be more clear, the SPS and PPS frames along with the IDR frames are
all individual NAL units sent across the network.

I appreciate the help.
On Jun 1, 2015 3:19 AM, "Carl Eugen Hoyos" <cehoyos at ag.or.at> wrote:

> Ryan Bauer <r.bauer234 at ...> writes:
> > I am currently sending individual NAL units across
> > a network. These NAL units are generated by x264.
> > Now is it possible to feed these NAL units
> > individually into avcodec_decode_video2?
> > Or do I have to concatenate the nal units until they
> > represent the same frame? If thats the case then how
> > is that done?
> If sending the NAL units to the decoder does not work,
> I suspect you can feed them to the h264 parser first
> to get the individual frames.
> Carl Eugen
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