[Libav-user] RasPi / SolidRun / Other small box hardware codec supported by ffmpeg?

Julian Scheel julian at jusst.de
Sun Nov 1 18:30:14 CET 2015

On 31.10.15 19:42, Camera Man wrote:
> [Apologies, my mail program decided to send this HTML only - sending
> again as plain]
> Is the h264 encoder/decoder supported on any of the small single board
> <$100 linux boards?, e.g. Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Orange Pi, SolidRun
> HummingBoard, etc?

I'm aware of Raspberry support only.

> I want to apply ffmpeg filters in realtime to an incoming h264 and/or
> mjpeg stream, and get an output h264 stream (so, I need both encoding
> and decoding to work).

Filters might be slow on a Pi :)

> As far as I can tell from looking at ffmpeg, it does not support OpenMAX
> (the "native" way to interface the RasPi hardware), but I'm not an
> expert - perhaps there is some other way to use the hardware codecs?
> Perhaps on one of the other Pi-and-Pi-like SBCs?

There is mmaldec, which supports Raspberry Pi for h264 and mpeg2 (mpeg2 
patches not in libav yet, only in ffmpeg). MMAL is an alternative 
interface to the video processing of the Broadcom chips and is not as 
kludgy as OpenMAX. So far there's no encoder using MMAL though.


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