[Libav-user] RFC: avcut - frame-accurate h264 cutting with only small quality loss

Mario Kicherer mario at kicherer.org
Sun Nov 8 19:57:52 CET 2015


based on information from this mailing list, I started a tool to do
frame-accurate cuts of h264 videos with only small quality loss. It
simply copies groups of pictures without a cutting point and
re-encodes the frames from/until the previous/next key frame if there
is a cutting point in between.

It is still experimental and I have a few videos where it does not work
reliably yet but if somebody is interested I would appreciate patches,
comments and bug reports. I also wrote a few words about what I learned
while writing the first version on my site [1].

The code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/anyc/avcut

Thank you!


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