[Libav-user] avformat_open_input read video from .jar (zip)

Alexandr Dudnik dj.alexshaft at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 02:08:36 CET 2015

Hi all. I use ffmpeg libs with Unity3D game dev platform as native plugins
for ios and android, for rendering video into textures. So simply I make
animations by such strange way =)
Everything works like a charm. But, for Android platform Unity packs my
video sources into .jar archive which is simply zip archive.

So, my question is: Is there way to open video by avformat_open_input from
JAR archive?
I can get the file path from Unity in that fromat
"jar:file://pathToMyApp/MyApp.apk!/assets/" which is obviously not working.
Only one way I see it's to unpack file and load it to memory, but maybe
someone knows the trick?

Hope on your response.
Best regards, Alex
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