[Libav-user] API changes v2.8.x ==> 3.0.x

Charles linux2 at orion15.org
Thu Aug 18 22:02:29 EEST 2016

>     El 17/08/16 a las 23:20, Charles escribió:
>         Anybody had any luck finding sample code that uses the 3.0 API
>         There was some traffic back in June that just seemed to end...
>         Thanks
>     AFAIK, the 3.0 API does not work.  That is codecpar (which works but
>     is missing some stuff for encoding) and av_send_packet(),etc. which
>     do not work at all.
>     I suggest you wait until ffplay/ffmpeg get translated to that new
>     api before you try it yourself.
> What is codecpar ? I have never heard of it.
> Gabriel.

Gonzalo, kinda figured that out so now just a bunch of warnings...


      * @deprecated use the codecpar struct instead
     AVCodecContext *codec;

      * Codec parameters associated with this stream. Allocated and freed by
      * libavformat in avformat_new_stream() and avformat_free_context()
      * respectively.
      * - demuxing: filled by libavformat on stream creation or in
      *             avformat_find_stream_info()
      * - muxing: filled by the caller before avformat_write_header()
     AVCodecParameters *codecpar;

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