[Libav-user] AVStream->codec deprecation

salsaman salsaman at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 16:33:04 EEST 2016

as far as I can tell there are 2 different things relating to codecs:

old API:
AVCodecContext - obtained from stream->codec (this may be the source of
confusion), a pointer which is passed into functions dealing with the codec
AVCodec - obtained from av_codec_find_decoder(context), contains fields
like width, height, stream type etc.

new API:
AVCodecParams - obtained from stream->codec_params, equivalent to AVCodec
in old API
AVCodecContext - allocated, then set from codec_params

I could be wrong, I have not experimented with the new API yet. Just
looking at code.


On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 10:04 AM, Perette Barella <perette at barella.org>

> Salsaman,
> I reviewed the doc/examples and my existing, working code some more, and
> I’m going to step back and ask some architectural questions to validate
> changing assumptions based on your assertions.
> * AVFormat provides the I/O and multiplexing for media
> * AVStream is an abstraction for the separate audio/video/subtitle
> components of the media.  It is associated with an AVFormatContext.
> * AVCodec provides the encoder/decoders for a particular AV type.
> My assumption has been that since AVStream->codec exists and was filled in
> by avformat_new_stream and other functions, and *that there was an
> association between an AVStream and its AVCodec* so that all these
> different components worked together.
> You’re implying that no such association exists, and that it’s entirely my
> code that’s pushing packets through the Codec, then moving the results onto
> the Stream.  I find this a little surprising, although I find nothing in my
> code or the examples/muxing.c to contradict it.  And it would explain why
> it takes to much code to do anything with lav as opposed to gstreamer or
> other libraries.
> Am I going in the right direction now?
> And with that in mind, then the purpose of codecpar is a way for the
> stream to *provide* parameters for a codec that I’m supposed to create, and
> the codec structure was there in the past only to provide and not an
> indication of association between the codec and the stream (because no such
> association exists).
> > Just use avctx from the code above. I don' t see what the problem is.
> I think one of lav’s problems is lack of a good architectural diagram to
> explain how it’s *supposed* to work.  Yes, i can read the code and the
> examples, and the Doxygen is a big help… but some sense of the intent and
> design behind the code would help significantly.  It’s like the difference
> between diagnosing an electrical problem with vs. without a
> blueprint/schematic: you can do without, but having the picture makes the
> work easier, faster and more accurate.
> Perette
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