[Libav-user] Create a muxer without enc_ctx = out_stream->codec

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Tue Aug 23 19:59:58 EEST 2016

Le septidi 7 fructidor, an CCXXIV, Charles a écrit :
> Am I even approaching the problem the right way?

You are too vague.

> Why does the muxer care about the encoding? Should he only know about the
> packets?

Most formats store that information somewhere in the file headers.

> Without a demuxer how to you get stream data into the muxer?

From the encoder, as I already hinted in my first mail and explained in the
second. Did you even read it?

> On 08/23/2016 09:47 AM, Nicolas George wrote:

Remember top-posting is forbidden on this list; if you do not know what it
means, look it up.


  Nicolas George
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