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Tue Aug 16 17:37:55 EEST 2016

I am trying to mux together an existing mpeg-ts video stream and a synthesised KLV data stream in the same vein as the muxing.c example in the ffmpeg documentation.  I wish to read the incoming ts file, identify the video frames and insert KLV data after each frame has been inserted into the output file (which would now contain two streams - VIDEO and DATA).
Although the general structure of the muxing example seems clear enough - I cannot see how to fit a KLV packet into the concept of AVFrame in order to compose my own write_data_frame to parallel the write_audio_frame already in the muxing example.
Does anyone have any example code which would help me understand how to populate the mpeg-ts data stream with data (Note that the actual KLV packet contents is not an issue - I have formatters for that, my problem is how to use the AV architecture to put the packets in the second output stream)?

The packets do not require dts/pts stamps - asynchronous behaviour is more than adequate.

Any help welcome!

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