[Libav-user] How to correctly fix missing pixel format

Alexander Yushkov yushkov at edsd.com
Thu Aug 25 12:38:59 EEST 2016

I'm working on a simple media streaming service and need to write a video
archive from h264 rtsp stream.

In current implementation rtsp stream is written as-is into a series of mp4
files, one minute each. When current output file reaches it's length, I
simply close it and then open a new one, write file header and continue
pushing packets into a new file (with some timestamp magic). And it works
rather reliable for most sources.

But here is the problem: with some sources I get the error message
"unspecified pixel format" (with ffprobe) for every resulting file after the
first one. During execution libav display the format correctly.
So here is the question: How can I manually specify the pixel format for
each fragment after the first one, ideally, without any transcoding?

Alexander Yushkov

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