[Libav-user] Raw AAC decoding using only libavcodec

Christopher Snowhill kode54 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 08:23:16 EEST 2016

I help manage a project that is currently using FFmpeg as a decoder
library, and is currently only using the libavcodec portion, using its
own parsers to handle containers, rather than importing libavformat.

I was wondering whether it would be necessary to use libavformat or some
other part of the library to parse ADTS or ADIF format AAC bitstreams.
The code I am looking at now currently takes what the caller has
determined to be either ADTS or ADIF formatted AAC, and passes it
directly to libavcodec, via avcodec_decode_audio4. I assume this is
incorrect, as it doesn't seem to be working for these formats.

What is the bare minimum to process ADTS or ADIF into something that can
be passed to avcodec? I can still try to convince the lead developer to
implement a generic avformat parser for select formats, and I can show
him how to split it into separate parser and packet decoder
implementations, since avcodec and avformat are separate enough to allow
for that.

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