[Libav-user] Keeping all frames in mp4 with h264 codec

Arthur Muller muller at vki.com
Mon Feb 8 17:15:02 CET 2016



I'm generating a mp4 file using the H264 encoder from a series of still
frames. This is just an animation from a technical simulation, so every
frame is important and the viewer often needs to step through one frame at a


If I encode it using the MPEG4 encoder everything is fine. But with the H264
encoder (using the same code otherwise), I end up with missing frames. I
step through frame-by-frame with Windows Media and the total number of
frames is smaller than what I start with.


1) Is there a way to force the h264 encoder to keep all frames so one can
recover the original images if necessary if advancing the video frame by


2) Can somebody point out to me the controls I can use - from an API
perspective - to control how frames are kept using libx264?





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