[Libav-user] Unjust 'Received BYE for stream'

Samuel Martin S.Martin at flexposure.nl
Thu Feb 11 11:10:55 CET 2016


I've integrated libav into our software (.net) for opening RTSP streams for a while now and it's been working perfectly.
We've recently added a new CCTV system (Digifort) to our fleet and we noticed that with this system after a while (VERY random, 15 seconds ~ 20 minutes) the stream stops. Av_read_frame returns EOF. From the libav logging I get the message "Received BYE for stream 0". I checked the RTCP messages in Wireshark but no packet of type BYE was received. I've filtered my wireshark dump with "rtcp.pt == 203" and it returned no results.

Attached is the Wireshark dump (filtered on "ip.addr== && (rtcp || rtsp)" ) from the moment I started the RTSP stream till some seconds after the stream stops.


-          Can reproduce with Ffplay. I get exactly the same behavior as with my integration of libav, so it doesn't seem to be on my side of the code.

-          Cannot reproduce with VLC. VLC just keeps on playing the stream until the end of time

Can somebody help me out to figure out why Ffmpeg says that a BYE is received while it is not? And how to solve/get around it?

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