[Libav-user] avcodec_find_encoder AV_CODEC_ID_MP3 codec not found

Mohamed Moanis mohamed_moanis at outlook.com
Thu Feb 25 23:38:10 CET 2016

 > First I've installed libmp3lame as described in ffmpeg compilation guide. I've installed ffmpeg libraries by

> $ ./configure
> $ make
> $ sudo make

Did you enabled lipmp3lame


see this link for clear steps. https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/How%20to%20quickly%20compile%20FFmpeg%20with%20mp3,%20aac%2B%20and%20x264

Mohamed Moanis.

How to quickly compile FFmpeg with mp3, aac+ and x264 - FFmpeg<https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/How%20to%20quickly%20compile%20FFmpeg%20with%20mp3,%20aac%2B%20and%20x264>
Follow these steps before you attempt to compile your FFmpeg: Compile/install libmp3lame; See How to quickly compile libfdk-aac; See How to quickly compile libx264

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