[Libav-user] Ignore packet writes and then write again, how to rescale pts and dts in this case?

Leandro Raffo ljraffo at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 18:32:42 EEST 2016

Howdy, I've got the next problem

What I want to do:

while some condition
    read packet
    write packet

keep reading but not writing

go back to the while but keep writing as if it were the packets I did not write.

Basically I want to write some packets, then ignore (insert random
time) of packets writes and then keep writing again. When I tried to
do it, because of the difference of pts and dts I just get the last
frame before I didnt write repeated until I start writing again. What
is the best way to, if possible, to scale the dts and pts back as if
it were the frames I did not write? This is just for video streams by
the way.

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