[Libav-user] 答复: 答复: 答复: Are there any ways to use a lib (built from C++ OpenCV) in Ffmpeg filter?

Perette Barella perette at barella.org
Sat Sep 3 19:34:57 EEST 2016

> Should it still be the compilation setting issue, when compiling my library or compiling FFmpeg?

When you do the final link, are you using the C or C++ compiler?  You need to use the C++ one.

1.  C++ etc to make the library
2. cc -c your_files.c
3. C++ -llibrary your_files.o

In these errors:
> .../binutils/2.25/centos6-native/da39a3e/bin/ld: .../mylibrary/0.1/gcc-4.9-glibc-2.20/80414d5/lib/libmylibrary.a(mylibrary_file.cpp.o): undefined reference to symbol '_ZdlPv@@GLIBCXX_3.4'
> .../libgcc/4.9.x/gcc-4.9-glibc-2.20/024dbc3/lib/libstdc++.so: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line

“glibcxx” suggests it’s missing the C++ support library, like if you’re linking with cc instead of c++ compiler.

And sorry about dropping the tar on the list earlier, I thought I was replying off list.  My bad.


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