[Libav-user] Getting a Frame question

M N assemblerx86 at yandex.com
Fri Sep 9 13:59:21 EEST 2016

09.09.2016, 13:55, "M N" <assemblerx86 at yandex.com>:
> 09.09.2016, 12:50, "Carl Eugen Hoyos" <ceffmpeg at gmail.com>:
>>  I see the following line in your code:
>>  p2C->codec_tag = pC->codec_tag;
>>  Carl Eugen
> The "p2C->codec_tag = pC->codec_tag;" is commented out.
> 09.09.2016, 11:59, "Masneri, Stefano" <stefano.masneri at brain.mpg.de>:
>>  You have to check the FFmpeg source code. One of the API calls you have in your code probably sets the codec_tag in one of the function. (my _guess_ is that it's probably in avcodec_parameters_copy).
> Then that's a bug/glitch in FFMPEG that their code does not support all codecs the same way.
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If I remove the avcodec_parameters_copy line, then I get the error:

[mp4 @ 01f50200] Could not find tag for codec none in stream #0, codec not curre
ntly supported in container

The irony is that I have posted this as a bug in FFMPEG bug tracker and they have set the ticket from "Critical" to "Normal", and none has replied or interacted with it until now.

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