[Libav-user] no 'data' tag found

Anton Shekhovtsov shekh.anton at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 21:10:19 EET 2017

Hi, it seems you have an invalid file
The simplest WAV that can be opened with ffmpeg consists of the following:
20-byte header ('WAVEfmt'...)
WAVEFORMAT compatible format descriptor
8-byte empty data block ('data'...)

or maybe you just need to increase probe size

2017-01-23 20:50 GMT+02:00 Jeff Archer <jeffarcher7 at gmail.com>:

> Hello all,
> I am attempting to use FFmpeg from JNI code of my Android app.
> I have what I thought are .WAV files but now not so certain.  On
> many(most) Android devices the code extracts this data and writes it to a
> file and then gives that file to the Android MediaPlayer to play.  On some
> devices I get the exception java.io.IOException: setDataSourceFD failed.:
> status=0x80000000.  I believe these devices do not have an appropriate
> codec. So, I wish to use FFmpeg API to convert the file to .mp3 or other
> format that can work on all devices. These files can be supplied by end
> user so cannot simply convert files ahead of time.  End user will of course
> expect to be able to use any file that can be played on other device or
> Windows.  Thus, I need to use FFmpeg APi to convert file just before
> playing.
> What is happening is that during the call to avformat_open_input() the
> following messages are coming through av_log_callback()
> av_log: Format wav probed with size=2048 and score=99
> av_log: no 'data' tag found
> av_log: Statistics: 3732 bytes read, 0 seeks
> And avformat_open_input() is returning: -1094995529[0xBEBBB1B7]
> Which yields the following from av_strerror(): Invalid data found when
> processing input
> It seems like I may be missing some required step or flag or something...
> Any help or suggestion is most appreciated.
> Jeff Archer
> jeffarcher7 at gmail.com <jarcher7 at yahoo.com>
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