[Libav-user] Freeswitch+Libav with NVENC encoder gives Could not open codec (-12)(Cannot allocate memory)

José Lopes jose.lopes at itcenter.com.pt
Wed Sep 6 16:16:47 EEST 2017


I am trying to use Video Conferences (MCU) from Freeswitch with libav
(ffmpeg 3.2 from jessie-backports) with NVIDIA Tesla P4 (encoder nvenc).

You can check the code of Freeswitch at https://freeswitch.org/
applications/mod_av/avcodec.c .

I have done some tests and it worked good until 10 video calls on the

* After 10 video calls to the same conference, i notice the video sometimes
* After 19 video calls, when enter new video conference it gives me the
next error from libav

avcodec.c:981 Could not open codec (-12)(Cannot allocate memory)

So Freeswitch stop using NVENC encoder.

I am also monitoring the status of NVIDIA Cards, with the command
nvidia-smi and i check that Freeswitch allocates 2432MB on graphic card and
the graphic card have more than 5000MB of memory free.  The GPU used is
arround 3%, so i think the NVIDIA can support more video calls.

Log from nvidia-smi https://pastebin.freeswitch.org/view/8a04bdfe

I also compile the last version of ffmpeg and after the ~19 video calls,
Freeswitch can't use the NVENC encoder, but it gives a different error:

avcodec.c:981 Could not open codec (-542398533)(Generic error in an
external library)

Can anyone point me a direction to analyse this problem?

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

*José Lopes*
Research and Development Technician

Phone: +351 256 370 980
Email: jose.lopes at itcenter.com.pt
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