[Libav-user] Bus Error in Audio Encoding

Gonzalo Garramuño ggarra13 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 18:57:19 EEST 2018

El 29/08/18 a las 04:22, Ramana Jajula escribió:
> Hi, I am trying to get back the original audio mp3 file by audio 
> encoding. I have got the .bin file by doing the audio decoding(.mp3 
> file) first. Now I want to get back the .mp3 file by doing audio 
> encoding. Here is the file for audio decoding my_audio_decoding.c 
> <https://codepad.co/snippet/NeHLFtzR>.(took 2 args input file and 
> output file). Now I am doing audio encoding, file below:
>            fwrite(pkt->data, 1, pkt->size, output);
It was already pointed to you that you are not using libavformat to do 
the encoding as you are relying on stdio functions.
Look for the examples with av_interleaved_write_frame() to do it properly.

Gonzalo Garramuño

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