[Libav-user] decode_video example pgm files distorted? (v4.0.2 Win build)

Chris Bennett chris.bennett at dreamworks.com
Fri Aug 31 20:40:30 EEST 2018

 Hello All!

My apologies if this is a rookie question as I am just now learning the
innards of ffmpeg, but I am reaching out hoping someone may have had the
same issue as myself or has any advice.

I cloned 4.0.2 and compiled the libraries (MS VS 2013 x64) without issue.
I decided to try the examples as a learning opportunity, choosing
decode_video. I ended up with this result:

At the top and bottom of the image there is is wavy distortion. I am not
sure what is causing it.
The source file is a quicktime of a Motion JPEG video.

I had also compiled the exe as well and ran this command

ffmpeg.exe -ss 0.5 -i my_quicktime.mov  -t 1 -s 480x300 -f image2

and those images turned out just fine (I am sure this probably runs some
completely different underlying code but I just wanted to make sure what I
compiled was capable of a successful result)

I figure I am doing something incorrectly but I do not know where else to
look. If anyone has any advice on what to tinker with, I would greatly
appreciate it.

Chris Bennett
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