[Libav-user] av_parser_init() failing

rohit khali khali.rohit at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 10:01:41 EEST 2020


“I am trying to generate a minimal ffmpeg build with support for just some
of audio/video decoders (like AVC, HEVC, AAC-LATM, AAC, & AC-3). In order
to do so, I am trimming down the ffmpeg dependencies via the following
representative configuration options:

*./configure* *\*

        *--disable-debug* *\*

        *--disable-doc* *\*

        *--disable-ffplay* *\*

        *--enable-shared* *\*

        *--enable-avresample* *\*

        *--enable-gpl* *\*

        *--enable-libmp3lame* *\*

        *--enable-libvpx* *\*

        *--enable-libwebp* *\*

        *--enable-libxvid* *\*

        *--enable-libx264* *\*

        *--enable-nonfree* *\*

        *--enable-openssl* *\*

        *--enable-libfdk_aac* *\*

        *--enable-postproc* *\*

        *--enable-small* *\*

        *--enable-version3* *\*

        *--enable-libzmq* *\*

        *--extra-libs=-ldl* *\*

        *--prefix=**"**${PREFIX}**"* *\*

        *--enable-libopenjpeg* *\*

        *--extra-libs=-lpthread* *\*

The specific ffmpeg libraries I want to link my application against, are
*“-lavcodec -lavdevice -lavfilter -lavformat -lavutil -lavresample -lm
-lpthread -lswscale -lstdc++*
*”*. However, in this configuration I observe that a call to
*av_parser_init()* fails to return a parser for any of the codec IDs like

A call to *avcodec_find_decoder()* with an AVC or AAC codec ID however,
seems to work fine.

Is there a dependency on any other library like *“freetype”* etc. that I
need to enable in my configuration above, in order for *av_parser_init*()
to succeed?

Thanks in advance!
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