[Libav-user] Converting ts to DASH using libavformat

Simon Brown simon.k.brown at gmail.com
Wed Feb 26 18:36:19 EET 2020

> Ok, next problem - I have parsed all the command line parameters and
> assigned them to the output context using:
>     ret = avformat_write_header(ofmt_ctx, &opt);
> where opt contains the options dictionary.  I know it is accepting this
> because the returned dictionary is empty.  Also, I know because it is
> clearing out older .m4s segment files so that my disk doesn't fill up, so
> it's accepting the window_size parameter.  What it's not doing though, when
> it runs, is outputting continuously updated manifest.mpd data - which if I
> run ffmpeg with the same command line options I do get.  So ultimately my
> manifest.mpd file has a single segment in it, and my dash player never
> plays anything.
> Looking through dashenc.c it would appear that the manifest should be
> updated whenever write_packet is called, and I'm assuming this is called
> because otherwise I wouldn't get the .m4s files being output.  But
> something must be failing here.  Is there anyway I can see what options the
> dash mux is using and why it wouldn't be outputting manifest updates?
> To write the frames out I am using the same line as in remuxing.c, namely:
>         ret = av_interleaved_write_frame(ofmt_ctx, &pkt);
> should I just use av_write_frame?
> Regards,
> Simon

 I've tried av_write_frame and the results are better, in that the manifest
is updated each segment, but it still only has 1 segment in it, whereas if
I use ffmpeg it has multiple segments, so still nothing plays in the

I don't see what can be going wrong here - it MUST have the same options
because otherwise it would be forever adding new .m4s files without
deleting the old ones.

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