[Libav-user] NvEnc 9.0 but requires NvEnc 9.1

Philippe Noël philippe_noel at college.harvard.edu
Sat Jan 11 02:04:29 EET 2020


I'm trying to use Libav to encode a video to H.264 using Nvidia NvEnc.
Unfortunately, I am working on a Windows Server VM (on which I do not have
access to the Nvidia drivers) and the code fails saying it requires NvEnc
9.1, which is available with a higher generation of Nvidia drivers.

After a brief search it appears I need to "downgrade" Libav to a version
which uses NvEnc 9.0 instead of 9.1. I downloaded the .lib files from
Zerano (from the main ffmpeg.org website), so I have no idea how to compile
it. Is it possible somewhere to obtain those static libs directly for the
version which supports NvEnc 9.0? What is that version, if anyone knows?


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