[Libav-user] ffmpeg 3.4.5 mpeg4 disappearing encoders

Jeremy . freewheel at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 23 18:25:38 EET 2020

I've been using 3.4.2 ffmpeg for a while, successfully encoding video to mpeg4. I've just upgraded to 3.4.5 and, despite building ffmpeg (Windows, msvc2017 toolchain, MinGW) with exactly the same configure options, mpeg4 and 18 other encoders seem to have disappeared.

For reference, my configure options are:

--toolchain=msvc --target-os=win64 --arch=x86_64 --prefix=../ffmpegbuilds --enable-shared --enable-libx264 --cpu=i686 --extra-cflags=-I../x264builds/include --extra-ldflags='-LIBPATH:../x264builds/lib' --disable-error-resilience

I've found that if I leave out --enable-libx264, they come back. The problem is, I need libx264 to encode h.264 (we commercially license it)
[As a side note, yes, I have edited configure to move libx264 out of the EXTERNAL_LIBRARY_GPL_LIST into the EXTERNAL_LIBRARY_LIST]

The full list of 'disappearing' codecs is:
amv, dnxhd, flv, h261, h263, h263p, ljpeg, mjpeg, mpeg1video, mpeg2video, mpeg4, msmpeg4v2, msmpeg4, rv10, rv20, snow, svq1, wmv1, wmv2

I am guessing there is most likely a good reason for this change in behavior, but I'm stumped. My call to avcodec_find_encoder(AV_CODEC_ID_MPEG4); is now failing and I don't see an "alternative" codec ID I should be using if libx264 is included in my build.

Surely enabling libx264 should only add to the encoder list, it shouldn't disable other encoders?

I'm still stumbling about exploring options here (tried 3.4.7, it's the same), but if there is a change anybody is aware of, any advice would be appreciated.

- Jeremy

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