[Libav-user] QSV waits until next frame before decoding, how to make decode immediately?

Philippe Noël philippe_noel at college.harvard.edu
Sun Jan 26 23:30:49 EET 2020


TL;DR h264_qsv is waiting until the next frame before decoding--how do I
make it decode immediately?

I recently implemented h264_qsv decode after following this example
<https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFmpeg/blob/master/doc/examples/qsvdec.c>. The
problem I'm having is that I'm experiencing some latency when playing back
frames, and I believe I have figured out why. According to this post
Intel QSV SDK will wait until the next frame is received before starting
the decode process, because it's not sure if the frame is a full frame or
not. The answer says that the solution is to pass in a
parameter, to set AsyncDepth = 1, and to set

Does anyone know how to use these settings in Libavcodec/how to resolve the
frame delay decoding issue? I thought maybe they would be passed into the
AVHwFramesContext struct but I can't find them anywhere.

Thank you!

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