[Libav-user] AVIOInterruptCB and how to use it

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You may need a modified version of av_read_frame(). See this:




That’s for an earlier version of the libs, but you can see at line 31, the modification is simply providing a hook for the interrupt callback.




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Initial value of interrupt_callback can be cached internally somewhere inside avformat_find_stream_info.

My code performs assignment just right after context allocation. 






вт, 9 нояб. 2021 г. в 18:23, Simon Brown <simon.k.brown at gmail.com <mailto:simon.k.brown at gmail.com> >:


I'm trying to stop av_read_frame from blocking when the stream is stopped (stream over TCP, and the sender pauses sending).  Reading various forum posts, it would appear that I need to use the AVIOInterruptCB structure and assign it to my format context.  So I do this:


    /* retrieve stream information */
    if (avformat_find_stream_info(fmt_ctx, NULL) < 0) {
        fprintf(stderr, "Could not find stream information\n");
    static const AVIOInterruptCB int_cb = {interrupt_cb, &int_cb_ctx};
    fmt_ctx->interrupt_callback = int_cb;


where interrupt_cb and int_cb_ctx are defined as:


static int interrupt_cb(void *ctx)
int *p = (int *)ctx;
*p = 53;
return 1;

int int_cb_ctx = 0;

The only problem now is that av_read_frame still blocks, there's no evidence that interrupt_cb is being called, and I cannot restart my stream because my decoder gets stuck in av_read_frame.


Is there anything I am doing wrong?  Or is this a feature that has been deprecated?  Is there a better way of getting out of av_read_frame blocking?




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