[Libav-user] [PATCH] New API usage example (reading, converting, encoding and muxing an audio file)

Paolo Prete p4olo_prete at yahoo.it
Mon Jun 6 18:38:55 EEST 2022

>From what I see, the doc/examples files can be still improved. More precisely, their main() is often split into functions with short names that hide important (sometime essential) details of what they're doing and they worsen the readability, by forcing the user to jump from chunks to chunks of the code. See for example: muxing.c (and the open_audio/video(), write_audio/video_frame()...) In addition: they are hard to adapt to practical cases without doing big modifications.Please consider to review/push the example I provide with this email (as a patch for the dev branch, and as a separate file which can be compiled from 5.0 version): convert_encode_mux_audio.cIt is deliberately written in a more "procedural" way, it should be much easier to read and it covers all the basic steps (reading from file, converting, encoding, muxing) of a common and practical pipeline made with ffMPEG.
Hope it helps.

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