[Libav-user] Leading packets inside matroska container with zero duration

Olzhas Zhumabek anonymous.from.applecity at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 16:02:10 EEST 2022


I am encoding a video with svtav1 and mux into a matroska container. I have
only a video track with constant 5 fps. I set duration to 1 and pts to the
packet index (increment every time a packet is processed), and then do
av_packet_rescale_ts from encoder's timebase (1/5) to video
stream's timebase (1/1000).
When doing
ffprobe -v 0 -show_entries packet=pts,duration -select_streams v output.mkv
> probe.txt
I get a few packets which don't have correct duration on them, for example

Using avi container works perfectly. Does matroska require anything
specific to get correct duration values in the leading packets?

Kind regards,
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