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error.h File Reference

error code definitions More...

#include <errno.h>
#include <stddef.h>

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#define AVERROR(e)   (e)
#define AVUNERROR(e)   (e)
#define FFERRTAG(a, b, c, d)   (-(int)MKTAG(a, b, c, d))
 Bitstream filter not found.
#define AVERROR_BUG   FFERRTAG( 'B','U','G','!')
 Internal bug, also see AVERROR_BUG2.
 Buffer too small.
 Decoder not found.
 Demuxer not found.
 Encoder not found.
#define AVERROR_EOF   FFERRTAG( 'E','O','F',' ')
 End of file.
#define AVERROR_EXIT   FFERRTAG( 'E','X','I','T')
 Immediate exit was requested; the called function should not be restarted.
#define AVERROR_EXTERNAL   FFERRTAG( 'E','X','T',' ')
 Generic error in an external library.
 Filter not found.
 Invalid data found when processing input.
 Muxer not found.
 Option not found.
 Not yet implemented in FFmpeg, patches welcome.
 Protocol not found.
 Stream not found.
#define AVERROR_BUG2   FFERRTAG( 'B','U','G',' ')
 This is semantically identical to AVERROR_BUG it has been introduced in Libav after our AVERROR_BUG and with a modified value.
#define AVERROR_UNKNOWN   FFERRTAG( 'U','N','K','N')
 Unknown error, typically from an external library.
#define AVERROR_EXPERIMENTAL   (-0x2bb2afa8)
 Requested feature is flagged experimental. Set strict_std_compliance if you really want to use it.
#define av_err2str(errnum)   av_make_error_string((char[AV_ERROR_MAX_STRING_SIZE]){0}, AV_ERROR_MAX_STRING_SIZE, errnum)
 Convenience macro, the return value should be used only directly in function arguments but never stand-alone.


int av_strerror (int errnum, char *errbuf, size_t errbuf_size)
 Put a description of the AVERROR code errnum in errbuf.
static char * av_make_error_string (char *errbuf, size_t errbuf_size, int errnum)
 Fill the provided buffer with a string containing an error string corresponding to the AVERROR code errnum.

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error code definitions

Definition in file error.h.