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resample.h File Reference
#include "avresample.h"
#include "internal.h"
#include "audio_data.h"

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Data Structures

struct  resample_init_func


ResampleContextff_audio_resample_init (AVAudioResampleContext *avr)
 Allocate and initialize a ResampleContext. More...
void ff_audio_resample_free (ResampleContext **c)
 Free a ResampleContext. More...
int ff_audio_resample (ResampleContext *c, AudioData *dst, AudioData *src)
 Resample audio data. More...

Function Documentation

◆ ff_audio_resample_init()

ResampleContext* ff_audio_resample_init ( AVAudioResampleContext avr)

Allocate and initialize a ResampleContext.

The parameters in the AVAudioResampleContext are used to initialize the ResampleContext.

newly-allocated ResampleContext

Definition at line 120 of file resample.c.

Referenced by avresample_open().

◆ ff_audio_resample_free()

void ff_audio_resample_free ( ResampleContext **  c)

Free a ResampleContext.


Definition at line 224 of file resample.c.

Referenced by avresample_close().

◆ ff_audio_resample()

int ff_audio_resample ( ResampleContext c,
AudioData dst,
AudioData src 

Resample audio data.

Changes the sample rate.

All samples in the source data may not be consumed depending on the resampling parameters and the size of the output buffer. The unconsumed samples are automatically added to the start of the source in the next call. If the destination data can be reallocated, that may be done in this function in order to fit all available output. If it cannot be reallocated, fewer input samples will be consumed in order to have the output fit in the destination data buffers.
dstdestination audio data
srcsource audio data
0 on success, negative AVERROR code on failure

Definition at line 334 of file resample.c.

Referenced by avresample_convert().