Data Fields
AACADTSHeaderInfo Struct Reference

#include <adts_header.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t sample_rate
uint32_t samples
uint32_t bit_rate
uint8_t crc_absent
uint8_t object_type
uint8_t sampling_index
uint8_t chan_config
uint8_t num_aac_frames

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file adts_header.h.

Field Documentation

◆ sample_rate

uint32_t AACADTSHeaderInfo::sample_rate

Definition at line 29 of file adts_header.h.

Referenced by aac_sync(), ff_adts_header_parse(), and parse_adts_frame_header().

◆ samples

uint32_t AACADTSHeaderInfo::samples

Definition at line 30 of file adts_header.h.

Referenced by aac_sync(), av_adts_header_parse(), and ff_adts_header_parse().

◆ bit_rate

uint32_t AACADTSHeaderInfo::bit_rate

Definition at line 31 of file adts_header.h.

Referenced by aac_sync(), and ff_adts_header_parse().

◆ crc_absent

uint8_t AACADTSHeaderInfo::crc_absent

◆ object_type

uint8_t AACADTSHeaderInfo::object_type

◆ sampling_index

uint8_t AACADTSHeaderInfo::sampling_index

◆ chan_config

uint8_t AACADTSHeaderInfo::chan_config

◆ num_aac_frames

uint8_t AACADTSHeaderInfo::num_aac_frames

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