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protocols.c File Reference
#include "config.h"
#include "libavutil/avstring.h"
#include "libavutil/mem.h"
#include "url.h"
#include "libavformat/protocol_list.c"

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const AVClassff_urlcontext_child_class_iterate (void **iter)
const char * avio_enum_protocols (void **opaque, int output)
 Iterate through names of available protocols. More...
const AVClassavio_protocol_get_class (const char *name)
 Get AVClass by names of available protocols. More...
const URLProtocol ** ffurl_get_protocols (const char *whitelist, const char *blacklist)
 Construct a list of protocols matching a given whitelist and/or blacklist. More...


const URLProtocol ff_async_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_bluray_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_cache_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_concat_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_concatf_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_crypto_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_data_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_ffrtmpcrypt_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_ffrtmphttp_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_file_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_ftp_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_gopher_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_gophers_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_hls_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_http_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_httpproxy_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_https_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_icecast_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_mmsh_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_mmst_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_md5_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_pipe_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_prompeg_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_rtmp_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_rtmpe_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_rtmps_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_rtmpt_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_rtmpte_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_rtmpts_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_rtp_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_sctp_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_srtp_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_subfile_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_tee_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_tcp_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_tls_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_udp_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_udplite_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_unix_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_libamqp_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_librist_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_librtmp_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_librtmpe_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_librtmps_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_librtmpt_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_librtmpte_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_libsrt_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_libssh_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_libsmbclient_protocol
const URLProtocol ff_libzmq_protocol

Function Documentation

◆ ff_urlcontext_child_class_iterate()

const AVClass* ff_urlcontext_child_class_iterate ( void **  iter)

Definition at line 79 of file protocols.c.

◆ avio_enum_protocols()

const char* avio_enum_protocols ( void **  opaque,
int  output 

Iterate through names of available protocols.

opaqueA private pointer representing current protocol. It must be a pointer to NULL on first iteration and will be updated by successive calls to avio_enum_protocols.
outputIf set to 1, iterate over output protocols, otherwise over input protocols.
A static string containing the name of current protocol or NULL

Definition at line 94 of file protocols.c.

Referenced by show_protocols().

◆ avio_protocol_get_class()

const AVClass* avio_protocol_get_class ( const char *  name)

Get AVClass by names of available protocols.

A AVClass of input protocol name or NULL

Definition at line 109 of file protocols.c.

Referenced by show_help_protocol().

◆ ffurl_get_protocols()

const URLProtocol** ffurl_get_protocols ( const char *  whitelist,
const char *  blacklist 

Construct a list of protocols matching a given whitelist and/or blacklist.

whitelista comma-separated list of allowed protocol names or NULL. If this is a non-empty string, only protocols in this list will be included.
blacklista comma-separated list of forbidden protocol names or NULL. If this is a non-empty string, all protocols in this list will be excluded.
a NULL-terminated array of matching protocols. The array must be freed by the caller.

Definition at line 119 of file protocols.c.

Referenced by url_find_protocol().

Variable Documentation

◆ ff_async_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_async_protocol

Definition at line 486 of file async.c.

◆ ff_bluray_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_bluray_protocol

Definition at line 227 of file bluray.c.

◆ ff_cache_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_cache_protocol

Definition at line 335 of file cache.c.

◆ ff_concat_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_concat_protocol

◆ ff_concatf_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_concatf_protocol

◆ ff_crypto_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_crypto_protocol

Definition at line 391 of file crypto.c.

◆ ff_data_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_data_protocol

Definition at line 112 of file data_uri.c.

◆ ff_ffrtmpcrypt_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_ffrtmpcrypt_protocol

Definition at line 328 of file rtmpcrypt.c.

◆ ff_ffrtmphttp_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_ffrtmphttp_protocol

Definition at line 276 of file rtmphttp.c.

◆ ff_file_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_file_protocol

◆ ff_ftp_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_ftp_protocol

Definition at line 1173 of file ftp.c.

◆ ff_gopher_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_gopher_protocol

◆ ff_gophers_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_gophers_protocol

◆ ff_hls_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_hls_protocol

Definition at line 311 of file hlsproto.c.

◆ ff_http_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_http_protocol

◆ ff_httpproxy_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_httpproxy_protocol

◆ ff_https_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_https_protocol

◆ ff_icecast_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_icecast_protocol

Definition at line 215 of file icecast.c.

◆ ff_mmsh_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_mmsh_protocol

Definition at line 411 of file mmsh.c.

◆ ff_mmst_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_mmst_protocol

Definition at line 632 of file mmst.c.

◆ ff_md5_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_md5_protocol

Definition at line 90 of file md5proto.c.

◆ ff_pipe_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_pipe_protocol

◆ ff_prompeg_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_prompeg_protocol

Definition at line 470 of file prompeg.c.

◆ ff_rtmp_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_rtmp_protocol

◆ ff_rtmpe_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_rtmpe_protocol

◆ ff_rtmps_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_rtmps_protocol

◆ ff_rtmpt_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_rtmpt_protocol

◆ ff_rtmpte_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_rtmpte_protocol

◆ ff_rtmpts_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_rtmpts_protocol

◆ ff_rtp_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_rtp_protocol

Definition at line 570 of file rtpproto.c.

◆ ff_sctp_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_sctp_protocol

Definition at line 362 of file sctp.c.

◆ ff_srtp_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_srtp_protocol

Definition at line 134 of file srtpproto.c.

◆ ff_subfile_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_subfile_protocol

Definition at line 148 of file subfile.c.

◆ ff_tee_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_tee_protocol

Definition at line 139 of file teeproto.c.

◆ ff_tcp_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_tcp_protocol

Definition at line 316 of file tcp.c.

◆ ff_tls_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_tls_protocol

Definition at line 302 of file tls_gnutls.c.

◆ ff_udp_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_udp_protocol

Definition at line 1115 of file udp.c.

◆ ff_udplite_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_udplite_protocol

Definition at line 1127 of file udp.c.

◆ ff_unix_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_unix_protocol

Definition at line 148 of file unix.c.

◆ ff_libamqp_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_libamqp_protocol

Definition at line 314 of file libamqp.c.

◆ ff_librist_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_librist_protocol

Definition at line 260 of file librist.c.

◆ ff_librtmp_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_librtmp_protocol

Definition at line 351 of file librtmp.c.

◆ ff_librtmpe_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_librtmpe_protocol

Definition at line 381 of file librtmp.c.

◆ ff_librtmps_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_librtmps_protocol

Definition at line 411 of file librtmp.c.

◆ ff_librtmpt_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_librtmpt_protocol

Definition at line 366 of file librtmp.c.

◆ ff_librtmpte_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_librtmpte_protocol

Definition at line 396 of file librtmp.c.

◆ ff_libsrt_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_libsrt_protocol

Definition at line 731 of file libsrt.c.

◆ ff_libssh_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_libssh_protocol

Definition at line 492 of file libssh.c.

◆ ff_libsmbclient_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_libsmbclient_protocol

Definition at line 368 of file libsmbclient.c.

◆ ff_libzmq_protocol

const URLProtocol ff_libzmq_protocol

Definition at line 195 of file libzmq.c.