Data Fields
AACEncContext Struct Reference

AAC encoder context. More...

#include <aacenc.h>

Data Fields

AACEncOptions options
 encoding options More...
PutBitContext pb
FFTContext mdct1024
 long (1024 samples) frame transform context More...
FFTContext mdct128
 short (128 samples) frame transform context More...
AACPCEInfo pce
 PCE data, if needed. More...
float * planar_samples [16]
 saved preprocessed input More...
int profile
 copied from avctx More...
int needs_pce
 flag for non-standard layout More...
LPCContext lpc
 used by TNS More...
int samplerate_index
 MPEG-4 samplerate index. More...
int channels
 channel count More...
const uint8_t * reorder_map
 lavc to aac reorder map More...
const uint8_t * chan_map
 channel configuration map More...
 channel elements More...
FFPsyContext psy
struct FFPsyPreprocessContextpsypp
const AACCoefficientsEncodercoder
int cur_channel
 current channel for coder context More...
int random_state
float lambda
int last_frame_pb_count
 number of bits for the previous frame More...
float lambda_sum
 sum(lambda), for Qvg reporting More...
int lambda_count
 count(lambda), for Qvg reporting More...
enum RawDataBlockType cur_type
 channel group type cur_channel belongs to More...
AudioFrameQueue afq
int qcoefs [96]
 quantized coefficients More...
float scoefs [1024]
 scaled coefficients More...
uint16_t quantize_band_cost_cache_generation
AACQuantizeBandCostCacheEntry quantize_band_cost_cache [256][128]
 memoization area for quantize_band_cost More...
void(* abs_pow34 )(float *out, const float *in, const int size)
void(* quant_bands )(int *out, const float *in, const float *scaled, int size, int is_signed, int maxval, const float Q34, const float rounding)
struct {
   float *   samples

Detailed Description

AAC encoder context.

Definition at line 379 of file aacenc.h.

Field Documentation

◆ av_class

AVClass* AACEncContext::av_class

Definition at line 380 of file aacenc.h.

◆ options

AACEncOptions AACEncContext::options

encoding options

Definition at line 381 of file aacenc.h.

◆ pb

PutBitContext AACEncContext::pb

Definition at line 382 of file aacenc.h.

Referenced by quantize_and_encode_band().

◆ mdct1024

FFTContext AACEncContext::mdct1024

long (1024 samples) frame transform context

Definition at line 383 of file aacenc.h.

◆ mdct128

FFTContext AACEncContext::mdct128

short (128 samples) frame transform context

Definition at line 384 of file aacenc.h.

◆ fdsp

AVFloatDSPContext* AACEncContext::fdsp

Definition at line 385 of file aacenc.h.

◆ pce

AACPCEInfo AACEncContext::pce

PCE data, if needed.

Definition at line 386 of file aacenc.h.

◆ planar_samples

float* AACEncContext::planar_samples[16]

saved preprocessed input

Definition at line 387 of file aacenc.h.

◆ profile

int AACEncContext::profile

copied from avctx

Definition at line 389 of file aacenc.h.

◆ needs_pce

int AACEncContext::needs_pce

flag for non-standard layout

Definition at line 390 of file aacenc.h.

◆ lpc

LPCContext AACEncContext::lpc

used by TNS

Definition at line 391 of file aacenc.h.

Referenced by ff_aac_apply_tns(), and quantize_coefs().

◆ samplerate_index

int AACEncContext::samplerate_index

MPEG-4 samplerate index.

Definition at line 392 of file aacenc.h.

◆ channels

int AACEncContext::channels

channel count

Definition at line 393 of file aacenc.h.

◆ reorder_map

const uint8_t* AACEncContext::reorder_map

lavc to aac reorder map

Definition at line 394 of file aacenc.h.

◆ chan_map

const uint8_t* AACEncContext::chan_map

channel configuration map

Definition at line 395 of file aacenc.h.

◆ cpe

ChannelElement* AACEncContext::cpe

channel elements

Definition at line 397 of file aacenc.h.

◆ psy

FFPsyContext AACEncContext::psy

Definition at line 398 of file aacenc.h.

◆ psypp

struct FFPsyPreprocessContext* AACEncContext::psypp

Definition at line 399 of file aacenc.h.

◆ coder

const AACCoefficientsEncoder* AACEncContext::coder

Definition at line 400 of file aacenc.h.

◆ cur_channel

int AACEncContext::cur_channel

current channel for coder context

Definition at line 401 of file aacenc.h.

◆ random_state

int AACEncContext::random_state

Definition at line 402 of file aacenc.h.

◆ lambda

float AACEncContext::lambda

◆ last_frame_pb_count

int AACEncContext::last_frame_pb_count

number of bits for the previous frame

Definition at line 404 of file aacenc.h.

◆ lambda_sum

float AACEncContext::lambda_sum

sum(lambda), for Qvg reporting

Definition at line 405 of file aacenc.h.

◆ lambda_count

int AACEncContext::lambda_count

count(lambda), for Qvg reporting

Definition at line 406 of file aacenc.h.

◆ cur_type

enum RawDataBlockType AACEncContext::cur_type

channel group type cur_channel belongs to

Definition at line 407 of file aacenc.h.

◆ afq

AudioFrameQueue AACEncContext::afq

Definition at line 409 of file aacenc.h.

◆ qcoefs

int AACEncContext::qcoefs[96]

quantized coefficients

Definition at line 410 of file aacenc.h.

◆ scoefs

float AACEncContext::scoefs[1024]

scaled coefficients

Definition at line 411 of file aacenc.h.

◆ quantize_band_cost_cache_generation

uint16_t AACEncContext::quantize_band_cost_cache_generation

Definition at line 413 of file aacenc.h.

◆ quantize_band_cost_cache

AACQuantizeBandCostCacheEntry AACEncContext::quantize_band_cost_cache[256][128]

memoization area for quantize_band_cost

Definition at line 414 of file aacenc.h.

◆ abs_pow34

void(* AACEncContext::abs_pow34) (float *out, const float *in, const int size)

Definition at line 416 of file aacenc.h.

◆ quant_bands

void(* AACEncContext::quant_bands) (int *out, const float *in, const float *scaled, int size, int is_signed, int maxval, const float Q34, const float rounding)

Definition at line 417 of file aacenc.h.

◆ samples

float* AACEncContext::samples

Definition at line 422 of file aacenc.h.

◆ buffer

struct { ... } AACEncContext::buffer

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