Data Fields
ConstTables Struct Reference

#include <aptx.h>

Data Fields

const int32_tquantize_intervals
const int32_tinvert_quantize_dither_factors
const int32_tquantize_dither_factors
const int16_t * quantize_factor_select_offset
int tables_size
int32_t factor_max
int32_t prediction_order

Detailed Description

Definition at line 102 of file aptx.h.

Field Documentation

◆ quantize_intervals

const int32_t* ConstTables::quantize_intervals

Definition at line 103 of file aptx.h.

◆ invert_quantize_dither_factors

const int32_t* ConstTables::invert_quantize_dither_factors

Definition at line 104 of file aptx.h.

◆ quantize_dither_factors

const int32_t* ConstTables::quantize_dither_factors

Definition at line 105 of file aptx.h.

◆ quantize_factor_select_offset

const int16_t* ConstTables::quantize_factor_select_offset

Definition at line 106 of file aptx.h.

◆ tables_size

int ConstTables::tables_size

Definition at line 107 of file aptx.h.

◆ factor_max

int32_t ConstTables::factor_max

Definition at line 108 of file aptx.h.

◆ prediction_order

int32_t ConstTables::prediction_order

Definition at line 109 of file aptx.h.

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